Wearable Tech Jewellery that you can buy in 2022

In the past, smartphones and home appliances were the only smart devices but now there are plenty of other smart options available in the market. Let’s take an example of wearable tech jewellery which is …

In the past, smartphones and home appliances were the only smart devices but now there are plenty of other smart options available in the market. Let’s take an example of wearable tech jewellery which is getting popular day after day even though slowly but gradually it’ll reach a place when every person will own tech jewellery pieces because of their useful and fashion forward designs.

What is wearable tech jewellery? 

Tech jewellery is a combination of fashion and technology. Tech companies are joining hands with fashion designers to turn electronic gadgets into pieces of art. Now women or men who are obsessed with fashion but love technology as well can carry their gadgets with grace. Previously, there were just smartwatches but now, you can find plenty of tech jewellery pieces from smart rings, bracelets, necklaces, and whatnot.

Although this tech fashion wave has just started, tech gurus and fashion designers are trying their best to make tech as micro as possible and hide it behind the bars of elegant jewellery designs.

Here are the 6 best tech jewellery pieces that you should have in 2022.

The best pieces of wearable tech jewellery overall 

We have tested lots of smart jewellery and after so much research and testing, we have found that Bellabeat Leaf Urban is overall the best tech Jewellery piece that every woman must have.

Why is it best? Because you can wear it as a necklace, bracelet, or brooch. It tracks stress level, sleep duration, sleep quality, calories burned, and menstrual cycle automatically.

It has a leaf-shaped body that is made out of recycled wood. Although it is made of wood but it looks like a stone. As a cherry on top, it is water resistant and eco-friendly as well. It is caged in a metal clip that mimics the veins of a leaf. The metal curves out into a loop so you can wear it as a necklace, bracelet, brooch, or in whatever style you want. It is available in rose gold and silver.

Tap Leaf Urban twice to sync it with your phone app. You can also follow guided meditation on the app and can set silent alarms to wake up peacefully in the morning. You can also track fertility in it if you want.

It has a lifetime battery and comes in a box with a leather bracelet, necklace, and a tiny screwdriver.

But, Bellabeat’s Leaf Urban is not the only best wearable tech, you should also check out the NFC ring,Invisawear rose gold Beverly Necklace, Levi’s Trucker Jacket, Joule Earring backing, and Ray-Ban Stories glasses.


The best tech ring

NFC OPN ring is another useful wearable tech piece of jewellery you should have. It is waterproof and can be connected to both android and IOS devices. What makes it stand out from the rest of the tech jewellery is, that it can be used to lock unlock doors and make contactless payments. What’s more, it requires zero charging. Although it is not as smart as apple smart products are but offers lots of features at a reasonable price. You can buy directly from their website for just $20.I guess it’s the best opportunity for you to try out smart jewellery while keeping yourself financially safe.

The best tech Necklace

Invisawear rose gold Beverly necklace is the most useful and must-have tech jewellery piece among all. It is a safety device that you can wear in the form of a necklace to keep yourself safe while traveling alone.

It has an elegant and slim gold chain that extends down to a beautiful locket that holds a personal safety device. Whenever, you are in danger, press the back panel of the locket twice and it sends a message to the five people you trust that you are in danger.

What’s more, it also has a hidden GPS device that tells your location to your loved ones so they can come to your rescue immediately. Thanks to its low energy consumption feature, you can wear this safety necklace for up to 2 years without charging it.

It connects with a free mobile app that is available on Android as well as IOS devices.

How to use it? Simply log in to the app and add five people to whom you want the device to send an emergency message if you are in danger. You can even set it to dial 911 in case of emergency.

The best tech clothing

Levi’s trucker jacket by Google looks like a normal trucker jacket at a glance but it’s a wearable tech gadget. You can use it to play music, receive phone calls, and even get directions while traveling.

You can connect it to your phone via Bluetooth. It is water resistant and comes with a battery life of 14 active days. You can buy it from their official, they are offering 20% off and free delivery on your first order.

The best tech Earring Backing

Joule Earring’s backing is the smartest wearable tech on the list. Joule earring backing fits well with every earring you wear It is a little bulky though. By using it as your earring backing, don’t have to compromise on your style as it will stay hidden in the back of your ear while doing its job. It tracks heart rate, steps, and calories.


The best tech glasses

Ray-Ban stories is a collaboration between Ray-Ban and Facebook. These smart glasses allow you to capture everything around you in the form of photos or videos. They come with cameras, speakers, and a touchscreen. That being said, you can use them to make pictures, and videos, listen to music, make phone calls, and whatnot.

What’s the future of tech jewellery? 

Wearable Tech jewellery has success as well as failure. Although, this wave has just started people are evaluating if they need them or not. Most people might not want electronic gadgets strapped around their bodies but that depends, let the time come, we may become addicted to them just like we are now to our smartphones and home appliances.

Just like other technology innovations, tech jewellery also has lots of scopes. In the future, it is for sure that technology devices will lose their visuals and will be hidden behind a beautiful piece of jewellery or a décor piece. Same like other technology devices such as computers and cell phones, they were so huge when came. Now designers and technologists are collaborating to create minimalist and elegant smart jewellery pieces.

We can also foresee that, soon, there will be less energy consumption. Tech gadgets will be disguised in the form of jewellery and a lifetime battery. Also. Body heat might be converted into energy to keep them charged. Well. The sky is the limit. In short, Tech jewellery has a good scope but it might take a few decades to reach at that point.

Why you should buy smart jewellery? 

Smart jewellery is a great option for you if are someone who wants to stay connected to the technology without compromising a bit on style. So tech fashionista, tech jewellery is for you. It is specially designed for women keeping in mind how possessive they are about fashion and beauty. Being a woman myself, I would not like carrying a large electronic device with me when going outside, I would rather prefer a smart jewellery piece to look stylish and organized.

Tech jewellery offers you the following benefits:


It is easier to carry tech gadgets in the form of jewellery rather them carrying everything collectively. We are moving towards minimalism! Less stuff means less clutter, easy life, and a happy you!


Wearable tech jewellery like Invisawear rose gold Beverly necklace are paving the way to a more secure future. Tech jewellery pieces such as this necklace can be a lifesaver for you.

In short, if you are tech-savvy and a fashion enthusiast, start using wearable tech jewellery pieces to combine your two passions together.


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